Topic: I need help with something.

I need help doing some Deadpan/ Dry humor (for two very stupid reasons)

I understand the concept of Deadpan and dry humor, I just have two questions:

1) How would you use deadpan humor in an everyday conversation

2) How would someone use it in a song (Is that even possible?)
(I'm not talking about a stupid song. I mean a song that actually sounds good...something a little more complex then weird Al making fun of, "just beat it")

If you would also like to elaborate on deadpan humor and what you think of it,
that would also help (just as long as its a little more specific then the dictionary definition)

I'm pretty much the pun-King. I can turn a lot of the things people say into one
and most of the time it just comes to mind. Frankly I'm starting to annoy myself (as well as others)
I need a long break.

I'm ready to take on another challenge. Goodbye "yo moma"
Goodbye Chuck Norris and I'm done with the knock knock jokes.
(your moms so fat her bra size reads: Parachute)

Subject: Dry/Deadpan humor

no audience required.

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Re: I need help with something.

My humor tends to slapstick but the great Stephen Wright is the king of deadpan:

Here is a Steven Wright video including a deadpan song: … p;index=13


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Re: I need help with something.

Steven Wright sings "Rachael": … playnext=1

We pronounce it "Guf Coast".
Ya'll wanna go down to the Guf?

Re: I need help with something.

Check out Todd Snider.  Warning though, his language is foul.  If foul language offends you, do NOT check out Todd Snider.  As funny as they are, and as skilled as he is with inflection and tone, he would be much funnier were he to cut back on the profanities.  Still.  His songs are terrific.  I especially like "The Statisticians Blues" and "Pressure." 

- Zurf

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Re: I need help with something.

Todd Snider Fan here Zurf, he actually played at "Goose on the Lake" last year  a concert that Goose Creek Symphony puts on every year on a private farm, no police no politics, nothing but just friends and good music, some of the best music around the campfires at night.

The OnlyTaylor, not sure if it's called deadpan or not, but I have tons of ponderings and meanderings, jokes that is if you'd like some email me, if it's not what your after just chuck them


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