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Hey all,
   After messing around on a few different amps over the last year I finally went with the

   fender blues junior. All tube, 15 watts of nice loudness when needed, small with one 12"

   and spring reverb. The control knob names are upside down while you are in front of the

   amp. One of my buddies says that so the sound man can read them,lol. But no big deal

   as the sound is great. To get dirty I also got a digitech 355 modeling processor. It comes

   with a lot of sounds and looping and xtras. Labor Day weekend is here so hopefully I'll

   get some r-n-r and make some noise. Have a great weekend all!      Mike

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Re: NAD (new amp day)

Happy NAD papaguitar - post a vid on youtube so we can hear her!

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Re: NAD (new amp day)

Tube and spring reverb.  Nice!

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Re: NAD (new amp day)

That's a nice little amp...what are you running through it? Guitar wise that is?

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Re: NAD (new amp day)

Hi Topdown, thanks. It does have a nice clean sound. As for the vid request---- I haven't attempted
any as yet but will try someday. Try one out Jerome if you haven't already. Made in Mexico but

not much made in the U.S. anymore. A little spendy but the quality is good. Hey CK, hacking away

on a highway one tele, american standard strat and hopefully will try out the acoustics on it this

weekend, 81 washburn woodstock A/E.   Enjoy the rest of the holiday,   Mike

Our intuitions serve us well