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Hi folks,

I struggling to find a hard case for my Gretsch G5122DC, I don't really have the opportunity to pop into my local shop so I'm looking online. It doesn't have to be fancy as it's only for storage at home (ie cheap).  Anyone know of any cases that would fit?

Cheers muchly


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Check out musicians friend. they carry a large variety of cases.

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Cheers, bswyers, and if I lived the other side of the pond then that would be very handy, unfortunately I'm in UK   sad

Re: Case for Gretsch

Hi wakey, sounds like a hard find,I had an ovation that I had a hard time finding a case for when I did they wanted a large amount for it. I finally ended up in my garage with some wood and old pillows and soft cloths,I built one for it it only took three hours and about fifteen dollars to do it,I put some vinyal on the outside later on.

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Re: Case for Gretsch

That's not a bad idea, dino, I'm no stranger to a hammer and nails, it might be worth a go.  Cheers, good suggestion.