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where do you put a second strap button on the heel of a guitar
i have a Takamine G Series

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Check this out, some good information about strap buttons and possible locations.

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This is more or less personal preference.... Some people like them on the end of the heel (back of the guitar through the heel cap), some like them about half way between the top and back on the right side of the heel, and some like them a little closer to the front/fretboard on the right....   
Here's a quick pic of one of mine
as you can see i like mine on the right and closer to the top. It seems to hold and lay better for me...

Remember to pre-drill the hole and lube the screw threads with a little candle wax before you screw her down to prevent any splitting.  Check the screw that comes with the strap button as they sometimes send them too long. I often pick up one a 1/4 inch shorter to be sure It doesn't go deep enough to hit the truss rod...

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Re: strap buttons

I would let your local luthier do this for you so you won't wonder later if it was done right.