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Was thinking today about a friend and the problems he is having with his daughter and this came to mind.  I don't have any daughters myself but I can imagine how hard it is for the guys out there who are constantly worrying about their little girls.  I do have a 3 month old granddaughter and I just know how much her daddy loves her.  As long as the little angels out there understand the strength of daddy's love life will be good - God willing

A Daddy's Love

There's noone to see the tears she cries as she sits alone in her room
She's had her heart broken and she's a long long way from home
There's nothing jeft to live for she's made a real mess of her life
She doesn't know who to turn to to save her from this strife

She fell for a real handsome guy who promised her the moon
Her daddy tried to warn her she was growing up to soon
But she didn't listen to her daddy - she was a woman of the world
She didn't want to be just her daddy's little girl

They moved out to the city and left the farm behind
She didn't see his cheating I guess her love was blind
He used her and left her with no money and a baby on the way
She has no idea how will she survive another day

She thinks back to her childhood safe in her daddy's arms
She wants to be back there but she doesn't know if she can
He warned her to be certain what she was doing was right
But she knew so much better and ran off into the night

She knew she broke her daddy's heart on the day she went away
She really wants to call him but she is too afraid
That he'll just say "I told you so" or "I told you were wrong" 
Someone needs to tell her that her daddy's love's still strong

Daddy's been searching for his angel ever since the day she went
He needs to know she's happy if it costs him every cent
He'll search the whole world over because his love's an endless flame
He wants to tell his daughter and he hopes she feels the same

She needs to forget her pride and call her daddy on the phone
He'll be there in a moment to take his little girl back home
He won't blame her for the hurt she's caused or tell her she was wrong
He'll just hold and care for her cause her daddy's love's still strong

She'd find true happiness with just one call she mustn't hesitate
To tell her daddy that she needs his help before it is to late
A daddy can forgive anything his little angel might have done
A daddy's love for his daughter's the greatest gift under the sun     


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From the heart, bolleauxp.  Very good.  Pulls me right in.

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Re: A Daddy's Love

Every line filled with flesh,characterised by emotions and delicate feelings.A story of a naive thus rebellious daughter and a loving and forgiving father. Beautifully written.

Re: A Daddy's Love

Lovely piece of work,

What a great insight  as to how someone would feel about there girls.Seeing as you have no daughters.

We all im sure know this story to well with some younger person or other.

The experience either makes or breaks them.. Some choose a very hard ole road for themselves.

Our kids should always be assured the light of home is a refuge when floundering in the dark.

Thank You" I enjoyed that piece.

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