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The Crash of ’47

The Crash of ’47 (2004)

Atomship (formerly known as Watership Down and AtomshipDown) is a four-piece alternative metal band currently composed of Joey Culver, Chad Kent, Roy Williams, and Jared Slade, best known for their 2004 single "Pencil Fight". Nathan Slade was the band’s original guitarist until his death in December 2009. The band was known as Watership Down in 2002, before changing their name to Atomship that year. Due to original vocalist Derek Padoe’s anxiety, Joey Culver took over his place for the recording of their debut album The Crash of ’47, released in 2004. Atomship was later dropped from Wind-Up Records, due to poor record sales, which led until the band’s disbandment later that year. In 2006, Atomship reformed as AtomshipDown. In 2010, AtomshipDown reverted their name back to Watership Down. In 2017, the band reformed Atomship with vocalist Joey Culver.