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Omslag: Martin Kann

Omslag: Martin Kann (1996)

Jag rear ut min själ! Allt skall bort!!!

Jag rear ut min själ! Allt skall bort!!! (1998)

Låter som miljarder

Låter som miljarder (2012)

Dödliga klassiker

Dödliga klassiker (2016)

bob hund (Swedish for "bob dog") is an indie rock band from Sweden. Their music, hard to classify, has been described as "what you might expect if you managed to merge Pere Ubu and Pixies with a touch of Kraftwerk". bob hund have performed mostly in Scandinavia as well as in Poland and England. Some of their performances include Roskilde, Hultsfred, Ruisrock and Quart music festivals.