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924 Forestville St.

924 Forestville St. (1994)

Bracket is an American rock band from Forestville, California formed in 1992. The lineup consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Marty Gregori, bassist and backing vocalist Zack Charlos, drummer Ray Castro, and guitarist and backing vocalist Angelo Celli, who replaced Larry Tinney in 1998. Bracket has issued numerous albums, EPs and singles since its inception, including many releases for Caroline Records and Fat Wreck Chords. Their sound could most easily be described as power pop influenced punk rock with a continued focus on vocal harmonies.

Bracket emerged during the pop punk resurgence of the early 1990s and released its first two albums 924 Forestville St. (1994) and 4-Wheel Vibe (1995) on Caroline Records. Following a staff shake-up, the label dropped the group and cancelled the release of its third album Like You Know in 1996. Bracket’s next two albums Novelty Forever (1997) and When All Else Fails (2000) were put out by Fat Wreck Chords, who had previously issued 7-inch vinyl for the band. Having completed multiple tours of the United States and trips to Canada, Europe and Japan throughout their career, Bracket released Live in a Dive (2002) which gathered some of the band’s best-known material into one performance. After building their own studio, the group took several years to write, record and self-produce its sixth album Requiem (2006), released by Takeover Records. Bracket began work on a new album in 2011, detailing each stage of the recording process on its official Facebook page. Like You Know and the three volume rarities collection Rare Cuts were issued as digital downloads in 2013 to help fund the band’s upcoming projects. Bracket’s new album Hold Your Applause was released in August 2014, while progress has continued on an additional forthcoming album.