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Stuart Davis

Self Untitled

Self Untitled (1994)

Nomen Est Numen

Nomen Est Numen (1996)

Kid Mystic

Kid Mystic (1997)

Stuart Davis

Stuart Davis (2001)

Stuart Davis (born January 11, 1971) is an American contemporary musician and songwriter. He has been performing throughout the United States and Europe since 1993. Davis regularly works with music producer Alex Gibson, who produced his last five studio albums.In 2009, TV channel HDNet broadcast the first six-episode season of "Sex, God, Rock ’n Roll", a comedy sketch show written, directed, and hosted by Davis; a second season with Davis and co-host Kandyse McClure began airing in 2012. Davis is a contributing member of philosopher Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute, and appears as a fictionalized character in Wilber’s novel Boomeritis. His single Already Free (2008) was featured as the end theme of the Showtime series I Can’t Believe I’m Still Single, and was also used in the feature film Drillbit Taylor. A precursor to the HDNet series "Sex, God, Rock ’n Roll" existed in the form of a 12-part web series, The Stuart Davis Show (2007), select episodes of which were co-written with Steven Brill.Ken Wilber has called Davis "the finest singer/songwriter of his generation"