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Vigen or Viguen (born Vigen Derderian, Persian: ویگن دردریان‎, Vigen Derderyân; Armenian: Վիգէն Տէրտէրեան, Vigen T"rt"rian; November 23, 1929 – October 26, 2003), known as "King of Iranian pop" and the "Sultan of Jazz", was an Iranian pop music singer and actor, well known throughout the Near East. Vigen sang both in Persian and Armenian.Vigen was of Iranian-Armenian ethnicity and during the golden age of Persian pop (early 1970s) until the 1979 Islamic Revolution, many Iranian performers and celebrities—among them Delkash, Pouran, and Elaheh—yearned to be associated with him.

Vigen’s innovative and upbeat style of music had a great influence on paving the way for a new genre of Iranian music, influenced by Western European and Latin American styles. His musical and performing talents soon captured the attention of many prominent Iranian lyricists and composers such as Parveez Vakili and Kareem Fakkour, and together they created some of Iran’s most memorable songs.