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Ägge bårte katta

Ägge bårte katta (1982)

Ao’tom tao’tom

Ao’tom tao’tom (1986)

Hipp happ

Hipp happ (1993)

Euskefeurat is a music group from Piteå, Sweden.

Euskefeurat is an adjective in the local Norrbottnic dialect which means "tired" or "worn out". Founded in 1977, Euskefeurat is a local patriotic leftleaning band from the northern Swedish town of Piteå. It stopped in 1994 and restarted in 2005. Among the members are Ronny Eriksson, Bengt Ruthström, Dan Engman and Stefan Isaksson. Various others have been part during different periods.

On 9 April 2005, Euskeufeurat came together for an evening and soon after, during the summer of 2005, Euskefeurat could be heard and seen in Harads, Pajala, Skule, Burträsk and Piteå, all in northern Sweden.

Many Euskefeurat songs are sung in Pitemål, a local dialect, which is said to have been good for the popularity of the dialect.