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Vincente de Teba Költerhoff (born October 18, 1978), better known as Frauenarzt (German for gynaecologist, literally "The Women’s Doctor"), is a German rapper from Berlin-Tempelhof, also known as "DJ Kologe," "MC Digital F,", "Arzt," "Gynniko," or "Günther." Frauenarzt was well known for his sexually explicit, Miami bass style music. Since 2008 he began to produce Ghetto Tech songs, together with Manny Marc as duo Die Atzen.

In 2009, the duo got their breakthrough with the hit single "Das geht ab," following that with "Disco Pogo".

In 2014, he published the albums R.A.P (as DJ Monoton K & MC Digital F - DJ Korx and Frauenarzt) and Tanga Tanga 3, attaching to his two earlier released albums Tanga Tanga (2000) and Tanga Tanga 2003.

The same year, he announced his new solo album for the year 2015.