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Gravity Kills

Gravity Kills

Gravity Kills (1996)


Superstarved (2002)

Gravity Kills is an American industrial rock band from St. Louis, Missouri. Their music was described by one critic as "a blending of eerie industrial rock with a pop-infused melodic chorus and a bit of hard-core head banging."The band was formed in 1994. They had their first hit single with "Guilty", a track later released on their self-titled album Gravity Kills. Gravity Kills’ songs were featured on the soundtracks for Mortal Kombat, Se7en, Escape from L.A., and Kissing a Fool, as well as video games like Test Drive: Off-Road. They have toured with such bands as Sevendust and Pigface.

The band released two additional albums of new material, Perversion in 1998 and Superstarved in 2002, as well as a remix album in 1997. Their singles "Falling," from Perversion and "One Thing," from Superstarved, achieved minor success.

In August 1999, drummer Kurt Kerns left the band to pursue a career in architecture. Gravity Kills departed TVT Records and signed to Sanctuary Records and drummer Brad Brooker joined the band to perform and release the third album Superstarved. Following a severe injury to keyboardist Doug Firley’s hands, and lack of tour support from their record label, they were unable to complete a tour for Superstarved and broke up in 2003.

Since 2006, Gravity Kills has reunited for occasional one-off festivals and shows.