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Hello Dave


West ()

Hello Dave is a classic rock band from Chicago, Illinois. They have released a total of six albums. Hello Dave was the debut album featuring songs such as "Melissa", "No Way", and "Gracie". 16 Tons was their next album featuring the songs "16 Tons" and "Fine Young Thing". The next album that Hello Dave released was titled West, which was designed as an album ideal for taking road trips. Songs on this album include "Golden", "Mountains", and "Biminy".

Hello Dave then released a live album named Wicked Revelry, featuring 9 live tracks. The album concludes with the studio version of their hot-sun single, "Summertime". The next album, Perfect Day, featured a mix of old ("Golden", "Melissa") and new singles such as "Colorado" and "Michigan". The most recent release is Chicago Twang. The band debuts a new sound—more twang and bluegrass—on such tracks as "Ona Mae", "Waterville", and "Chicago Twang". The band also has a Christmas album entitled A Hello Dave Christmas.

Some information is known about the lead singer, Mike Himebaugh. After leaving the band, he went out on his own and now lives on a farm in a small town called Morrison Illinois. They run a horse sanctuary and do a therapy for veterans with PTSD. He has a family, including a long term partner and son (he doesn’t want to release information on his son) (or long term partner).