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Howards Alias

The Answer Is Never

The Answer Is Never (2004)

Beat Heart, Beat

Beat Heart, Beat (2005)

Howards Alias were a band in the modern UK underground punk scene. They formed in 1999 in Southampton, England and blend an eclectic mix of rock, progressive, punk and ska influences into their own musical output. They permanently disbanded in April 2008.

The band released four full-length albums. The first – The Chameleon Script – was released by Good Clean Fun Records in 2002, with the second and third albums being released on the Household Name Records label in 2004 and 2005 respectively. In 2008 the band self-released their final album [ep.i.phan.ic], before finishing as a band. During their career, Howards Alias have also released a split EP with friends Desa and contributed to several international punk compilation CDs.