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Katharina Nuttall

This Is How I Feel

This Is How I Feel (2007)

Katharina Nuttall (born July 14, 1972) is an artist, film composer and music producer who was born in Drammen, Norway. Nuttall lives in Stockholm, Sweden but is a Norwegian citizen with a Norwegian mother and a father from the UK.

Her debut album This Is How I Feel was released in 2007, followed by Cherry Flavour Substitute in 2008. Songs from the two albums were put together on the European release Cherry Flavour Substitute Limited Edition, an album that was awarded a German Record Critics Award in 2009. Katharina Nuttall has also made her name as a producer to other artists, most notably Ane Brun.

In 2008, Nuttall composed and recorded the music to the Swedish feature film Rosa the Movie.

In September 2010, Nuttall announced on her Facebook fan page that she will be going back into the studio to work on a new album in collaboration with the English producer Head, known for his longstanding working relationship with PJ Harvey. The album was released in April 2011 with the title Turn Me On.

In 2013, Katharina Nuttall composed music for the play "Fåglar" by a Swedish playwright Christina Ouzounidis. The first performance of the play took place on the 10th of January, 2014 in Stockholm City Theatre.

Under 2013 Nuttall also wrote music for a Norwegian documentary movie in collaboration with director Nina Bergström and True Fiction AS.