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Kraken V: El símbolo de la huella

Kraken V: El símbolo de la huella (1995)

Kraken is a rock band founded in Medellín, Colombia, in 1983. The current lineup consists of Andrés Leiva (guitar), Ricardo Wolff (guitar), Julian Puerto (drums), Luis Alberto Ramírez (bass guitar), and Rubén Gelvez (electronic keyboards). The sound of the band is characterized by a mixture of hard rock and heavy metal, a musical experiment that remains effective to this day.

The particular voice of Elkin Ramírez gave Kraken a seal of originality that has drawn the admiration of thousands of fans, and legions of imitators wishing to reproduce his interpretive style. One of the bands that influenced Ramírez’ musical taste was Led Zeppelin. Another well-known influence of his was classical music, which he self-taught upon the advice of his father. Ramirez was commonly referred as "Elkin Kraken" amongst the fans.

On the other hand, the guitarist Andrés Leiva contributes to the band his symphonic experience, gained as a student of the classical guitarist Pedro de Alcántara. Owner of a polished and virtuous technique, Leiva has been a member of a variety of different musical projects, making him a valuable addition to the band. On December 18, 2013, the band celebrated its 30th anniversary and filmed the show for an upcoming DVD.

Ramírez died from brain cancer on 29 January 2017 in Medellín. He was 54 years old.