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Final Solution - Endlösung (The Early Years)

Final Solution - Endlösung (The Early Years) ()

Landser ([ˈland.zɐ]) was a German neo-Nazi rock band. Landser is an old-fashioned German colloquialism for a low-ranking soldier. The band, who are outlawed in Germany, were previously called Endlösung (Final Solution), and were founded by members of the neo-Nazi group Die Vandalen - Ariogermanische Kampfgemeinschaft (The Vandals - Aryan Germanic Combat Association), which was founded in 1982 in the former German Democratic Republic.

They performed only one concert that was open to the public, and did so wearing masks. However, they held several private concerts in restaurants in Berlin, Germany. Landser had their CDs manufactured abroad, mainly in the United States, Canada and Eastern Europe. The music is distributed online, by underground dealers through peer to peer networks or purchased from music labels in the United States and in some European countries where their music is legal (mostly in Eastern Europe and the United Kingdom).