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I Fear No Foe

I Fear No Foe (2005)

LPG is a Dutch indie-pop band, signed on Excelsior Recordings/V2 Records. In April 2005, their critically acclaimed debut album I fear no foe was released in the Netherlands, receiving positive reviews from established magazines and websites, such as Oor, VPRO 3voor12 and Volkskrant. There were few negative reviews, which mostly struggled with the applause in the opening track Speech, and the diversity of the band.

Shortlty after releasing the debut album, the band released a homemade music video to the song Sparrow, which consisted out of more than 1500 separate photos, resulting in an artistic animation. All in their early twenties, the band toured the Netherlands and supported such acts as The Cribs and Zita Swoon. In January 2006, the band announced the song Belly Rollercoaster from their debut album I fear no foe was to be used in a worldwide TV commercial for the Nokia 6280 mobile phone. The music video to this song proved a struggle to make, and was released several months after its premature release party.