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Marjorie Fair

Self-Help Serenade

Self-Help Serenade (2004)

Marjorie Fair is an indie rock/shoegaze American band formed in New Jersey by musician Evan Slamka, and based in Los Angeles, California. The band is best known for their debut album Self Help Serenade, released in 2004 on Capitol Records. Marjorie Fair’s melodic psychedelia has been compared to Mercury Rev, Pernice Brothers, The Beach Boys, Grandaddy, Elliott Smith and the solo works of Jon Brion, who contributed minor parts to Self Help Serenade.

The only consistent member of the band has been songwriter/vocalist Evan Slamka (vocals, guitar). Other members have included Wayne Faler (guitar), Dain Luscombe (keyboards), Chris Tristram (bass guitar), Scott Lord (bass guitar), Mike Delisa (drums), and Jayson Larson (drums).

Following the release of Self Help Serenade in the UK on May 31, 2004, Marjorie Fair toured Europe and opened for indie acts including Modest Mouse and The Bees. Marjorie Fair played a series of West Coast residencies in the fall, while awaiting Capitol to release their album stateside. The album did not end up being released in the United States until July 19, 2005 and was supported by a very short U.S. tour. The group promoted the album with small bursts of touring, playing with Tegan and Sara and Mellowdrone that fall.

In summer 2006, Marjorie Fair was recruited to open for John Mayer and Sheryl Crow on a massive stadium tour, but were suddenly dropped by Capitol thereafter.

In October 2007, a post on the band’s official site stated that a sophomore album was nearly complete: "We’ve been putting the finishing touches on the next record. If you know anyone who would like to put it out without having heard a single note of it, please let us know." The post also announced that Scott Lord and Wayne Faler had left the band.