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Mary Prankster

Roulette Girl

Roulette Girl (1999)

Mary Prankster was the moniker for an American singer-songwriter, primarily associated with Baltimore (now residing in New York), who played a blend of alternative/indie music with frank lyrics. The name is a reference to Ken Kesey’s Merry Pranksters. After over 1,000 live performances the Mary Prankster character was retired over "Pranksgiving Weekend" (November 25–28, 2005); the woman behind Mary continues to work on other creative projects.

The musicians who have played in her band include Phil "The Machine" Tang, Jon "E. Cakes" Seidman, Dave "E. Rocket" Vergauwen, Mike Lackey, Cord Neal, Matt Collorafice, Terry Klawth, Andy Mabe, Cliff Retallick, Sam McCall and Michael Smith.