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Miss Angie is a Christian music artist who released two albums on Myrrh Records, the final one in 1999. Her music was based in aggressive hard rock and pop sound with a feel that was described as "retro-eclectic", and vocals likened to those of Cyndi Lauper. Her portrayed image, one of the strong female rock star, was unusual in Christian music, but was offset by overtly Christian lyrics.

She signed with the Transform Music Group and released a new album, Time & Space, on July 26, 2011.The name Miss Angie was a compromise; at the time of recording her first album she knew that she was getting married, and so chose a name that was neutral with regard to that event. Her given name was Angie Turner, sister of Shawn Turner, who played guitar in Johnny Q. Public. The family had a background in Christian music ministry, and the siblings had grown up traveling with their father’s Christian rock bands in a situation she later described as being "sort of like The Partridge Family." She married Oran Thornton, also from Johnny Q. Public, in 1998. Oran went on to join the band Flick. They are no longer married. In a 2012 interview Miss Angie references her new husband Dave Darr who co-produced her single ’Restore’.In October 2009, she re-appeared with a new website,, and some new songs. The website claims she will be putting out an album in late 2010 or early 2011.On June 14, 2011, Miss Angie released a single off her tentative release with Transform Music Group called "Kick Drum". On April 10, 2012 she released a new single, "Restore", accompanied with a music video.