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OAG, also spelled O@G, also known as Old Automatic Garbage or Orang Asia Genius (English: Genius Asians), is a Malaysian pop and alternative rock band. The band, formed in 1992, was one of the first English language alternative rock bands in Malaysia to get huge attention from mainstream music listeners. The current line-up of the band are Muhammad Radhi Razali (vocals), Qi Razali (drums), Muhamad Nizam (guitar), Nazrin Zabidi (bass guitar), and Izmer Khasbullah (keyboard).

The band is well known for breaking the mainstream mold of Malay rock and pop at that time, pushing the alternative genre and underground spirit into commercial media such as radio and television. The 60’s TV videoclip was a landmark success in a new direction of music video for the country, and becomes one of the most recognisable songs ever in indie/underground circuits (next to Butterfingers’ Nicotine and Vio-Pipe).