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Ornatos Violeta


Cão (1997)

O Monstro Precisa de Amigos

O Monstro Precisa de Amigos (1999)

Ornatos Violeta was a Portuguese alternative rock band from the city of Porto, that was active from 1991 to 2002. The group, often referred to simply as Ornatos, consisted of vocalist Manel Cruz, bassist Nuno Prata, guitarist Peixe and drummer Kinörm, with Elísio Donas at the keyboard.

The band, whose music included some other influences such as funk, jazz and ska, grew over the years to become a reference in Portuguese music of the late 90’s. Fueled by the release of their debut album Cão! in 1997 and O Monstro Precisa de Amigos two years later, Ornatos were at the peak of their career when they split in 2002. This so far unexplained ending prompted several requests for a reunion over the years.

The band members went on to work independently on several other projects in the following decade, while a cult following started to grow around Ornatos, in particular around the work of Manel Cruz, author of most of the lyrics, and protagonist of newer projects such as Pluto and SuperNada. To honor the 10 years of their last concert, and taking into account the consolidation of their status as a cult band, the group decided to schedule a series of celebration concerts, that took place during the year of 2012.