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Padi (pronounced [ˈpadi]) is an Indonesian alternative pop/rock band. When the band formed on April 8, 1997, all of its members were still studying at Airlangga University, Surabaya, Indonesia. They are Piyu (lead guitar, backing vocals), Fadly (lead vocals), Ari (guitar), Rindra (bass guitar), and Yoyo (drums).

Their second album, Sesuatu Yang Tertunda (2001), recorded one of the highest domestic sales of music records in Indonesia by selling approximately 1.8 million copies, with 450,000 copies of which sold in just 2 weeks. Padi has sold approximately 3 million records in Indonesia only, as of 2012.

In late 2007, Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine placed 2 of their albums on their "150 Greatest Indonesian Albums of All Time" list. Those are Sesuatu Yang Tertunda at #55 and Save My Soul at #110. In addition, Rolling Stone also put 2 of Padi’s songs on the "150 Greatest Indonesian Songs of All Time" list. The songs are "Mahadewi" (#87) and "Sobat" (#109), both came from the debut album Lain Dunia (1999), which isn’t included in the magazine’s list of Best Albums.