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Samsons is a pop-rock band formed in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2003. The group comprises vocalist Ariadinata, guitarist Irfan Aulia, guitarist Erik Partogi Siagian, drummer Konde, and bassist Aldri Dataviadi.

Samsons are well known for their Epic Orchestral musical arrangements and for their hit singles, such as "Naluri Lelaki", "Kenangan Terindah", "Bukan Diriku", "Akhir Rasa Ini", "Di Penghujung Muda", "Luluh", "Kisah Tak Sempurna", "Hey Gadis", "Seandainya", "Tak Bisa Memiliki", "Hening", "Tak Ada Tempat Seperti Surga", and "Masih (Mencintainya)". The first album titled Naluri Lelaki, released in 2006, was a major success for their debut in music industry. It hits multi platinum award for the record sales, as well as winning some categories in a single night at Anugerah Musik Indonesia (Indonesian Music Awards) such as best new comer, best group/duo, best song (Kenangan Terindah), best album (Naluri Lelaki), and RBT (Ring Back Tone) award.

The second album Penantian Hidup released in 2007, produced in three countries (Indonesia, Australia, and United States). And the third self titled album, SAMSONS, released in 2009, was recorded using the analog system.

Their latest album titled Perihal Besar, released in 2013, featured the mind-blowing hit ballad Di Ujung Jalan. This album also a debut for the new frontman, Ariadinata, who joined Samsons in 2012 after the first vocalist, Bams, decided to split from the band in the late 2010.