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Saturday Looks Good to Me

All Your Summer Songs

All Your Summer Songs (2003)

Fill Up the Room

Fill Up the Room (2007)

Saturday Looks Good to Me is an American experimental indie pop band that formed in 1999. The group was, and still is, as of 2015, led by singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Fred Thomas (former member of His Name Is Alive). Albums by the group are known for soundscapes which hearkened back to Detroit soul.

The band was originally conceived as a basement recording project and did not play any live shows until 2002. The band built up a considerable following on the back of numerous limited-edition 7" record and CD-R releases, resulting in the indie pop albums All Your Summer Songs, released in 2003 on Polyvinyl Records, and Every Night, released in 2004 on Polyvinyl. All Your Summer Songs was listed as one of the top 50 albums of 2003 by Pitchfork. Every Night introduced new singer Betty Marie Barnes, who became the nearest to a permanent female singer that the band ever had.

By 2007, Barnes had semi-left the band and Thomas took over as the band’s sole front person. SLGTM’s music also changed and the resulting Fill Up The Room (2007, K Recs) album was more adventurous both lyrically and musically than the band’s previous two albums.

Following another European tour in 2008, Thomas retired the band to concentrate on other projects including City Center, and his record label, Life Like.

The band reunited in 2012 with a changed line-up, and released "Sunglasses" on Polyvinyl Records. For Record Store Day 2012, All Your Summer Songs was re-issued on white vinyl in a special limited edition of 250. The band released One Kiss Ends It All in 2013, and continued touring into 2015.