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…and No One Else Wanted to Play

…and No One Else Wanted to Play (1984)

SNFU is a Canadian hardcore punk band. They formed in 1981 in Edmonton, and relocated to Vancouver in 1992. They have released ten full-length albums and have been a formative influence on the skate punk subgenre. Their work has on occasion been included in rankings of the best Canadian music.

In their early years, SNFU built an audience across North America through energetic live performances and a dynamic punk sound. Their 1985 debut album ...And No One Else Wanted to Play has remained influential in underground circuits. They grew in popularity following two further studio albums, but disbanded in 1989 due to internal tensions.

SNFU reformed two years later, in a second incarnation which found greater success. They signed with the prominent indie label Epitaph Records, achieved six-digit record sales and toured in support of larger groups. They became independent in 1997 after their contract with Epitaph expired. They again disbanded in 2005, but reformed two years later.

The group is fronted by the eccentric singer, lyricist, and artist Ken Chinn, credited as Mr. Chi Pig. Founding members and twin brothers Brent and Marc Belke helped create the band’s melodic hardcore punk sound with dual guitar work before their departures in 1998 and 2005, respectively. Nearly 30 musicians have played in the group, with only Chinn remaining constant. Since 2014, the band has consisted of Chinn, bassist Dave Bacon, and guitarists Randy Steffes and Kurt Robertson. Batikão Est has served as the group’s touring drummer since 2016.