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The Fugitive Dance

The Fugitive Dance (1990)

Spooner was a Midwestern rock band formed in 1974 in Madison, WI, by keyboardist/vocalist Doug Erikson, songwriter/guitarist/vocalist Bob Olsen, and guitarist/vocalist Dave Benton originally as an acoustic/electric trio. Between 1975 and 1978, the group had undergone several line-up changes, including adding Butch Vig as a drummer. Extremely popular in Madison, and able to draw in crowds in other Midwestern cities, Spooner released two well-received albums, Every Corner Dance and The Wildest Dreams and toured intensively throughout the Midwest to promote them.

Spooner disbanded in the mid-1980s, with Erikson and Vig moving on to form Fire Town, who recorded two albums before splitting. Spooner reformed shortly after, and released a final album, The Fugitive Dance before splitting for a final time. During the early nineties, Erikson and Vig’s production career took off, with Vig producing for major label artists such as Nirvana and The Smashing Pumpkins before they formed the multi-platinum selling alternative rock group Garbage.