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Steeler (1983)

Steeler was an early 1980s American heavy metal band originally formed in Nashville, Tennessee by Ron Keel in 1981. Original band members included Ron Keel on vocals and guitar, Michael Dunigan on lead guitar, Bobby Eva on drums and Tim Morrison on bass. In 1982, they released the single "Cold Day in Hell".

Eva left the band after a short while and was replaced by drummer Mark Edwards. This line-up did not last long and released no albums or singles. The band was now based in east Los Angeles, CA, living and rehearsing in a large warehouse.

In February, 1983, 19-year-old Swedish guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen completed the new line-up, after Dunigan and Morrison left the band. Rik Fox was now on bass and this classic line-up released the band’s first album, Steeler. It saw moderate commercial success and is now a sought after album for many fans of Malmsteen and Keel. Malmsteen left soon after the record’s completion and joined Graham Bonnett to form Alcatrazz. Future MSG guitarist Mitch Perry (aka. Mitch Brownstein from the band The Kydz) was brought in as his replacement.

The final line-up of Steeler saw the departure of Perry, Fox and Edwards who were all replaced by Kurt James on lead guitar, Greg Chaisson on bass and Bobby Marks on drums. This line-up recorded five singles, two of which appear on the 2005 Steeler Anthology. After the loss of Malmsteen in the summer of 1983, and due to the constant change in band members, Steeler never signed with a major record label and Keel decided to split up the band and start a new project.

During Steeler’s short time in the world of Heavy Metal, the band became quite popular in LA and even performed to some sold out venues.

In 2005 a compilation album with songs from the single, album, live show bootlegs and unreleased tracks was released. This album was titled Metal Generation: The Steeler Anthology.