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Kuuntelija (2005)

Pelkääjän paikalla

Pelkääjän paikalla (2006)

Stella was formed in Joensuu, Finland in 2002. The band quickly managed a deal with Sony Records and released their first album Kuuntelija in 2004. The album only became a modest seller and soon after the band was moved to Elements Music label.

Success came to the band after Katri Ylander, a contestant on the Idols, performed a cover of "Piste." from Stella’s first album. This led Stella in to the media and popularity as both the music press and public waited for their second release.

The second album, Pelkääjän Paikalla, was released in 2006, debuting at number 5 on Finnish album charts.

In April 2008 Stella released their third album, Löytäjä Saa Pitää, and topped at number three on national album charts.