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Lõputu päev

Lõputu päev (1994)

Minu väike paradiis

Minu väike paradiis (1995)


Pühertoonia (1997)


Kuutõbine (2003)

Terminaator is an Estonian rock group formed in 1987 by Arno Veimer and Jaagup Kreem in Tallinn 10. High School (today Nõmme Gymnasium). Kreem was in the 7th grade then. The first public performance was in Tallinn 47. High School in the schoolbands’ festival. The first time in the studio was in 1989. First songs "Charleen" and "Meeletu maailm" were recorded in 1991. They found wider fame in 1992, when they won the festival of young bands Rock In. They have also performed in Latvia, Lithuania and Finland, although they have not had much success outside of Estonia. On the Estonian television show "7 vaprat", Terminaator have appeared playing their songs "Ainult sina võid mu maailma muuta", "Juulikuu lumi", "See ei ole saladus", and "Portselanist tüdruk".