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The Big Wu

Tracking Buffalo Through The Bathtub

Tracking Buffalo Through The Bathtub (1999)


Folktales (2000)

The Big Wu was derived from the nickname for the volcano in Joe Versus the Volcano which is actually spelled The Big Woo.

The Big Wu is a rock jam band from Minnesota. The group is composed of Al Oikari, Andy Miller, Chris Castino, Mark Joseph Grundhoefer and Terry VanDeWalker. The band made a mark on the jam band scene with a reputation for hook-oriented songwriting and as one of the earliest jam bands from the Midwest to achieve some national success. Relentless touring in the late 1990s and early 2000s built a loyal fan base that call themselves "family," many of whom get together for the band’s recurring music festival, the Big Wu Family Reunion. From 1998-2006, the band annually held the Family Reunion on Memorial Weekend, and they frequently hold a Wu Years Eve event on December 31. The band has not toured extensively since the end of 2006, instead playing periodic shows in their home state of Minnesota and other nearby states.

The Big Wu Family Reunion XIII was held August 8–10 at Camp Maiden Rock West in Morristown, Minnesota.

Big Wu Family Reunion XVI was held at Camp Maiden Rock West in Morristown, Minnesota on August 12 & 13 with a pre party, August 11 2016.