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The Monroes

Sunday People

Sunday People (1983)

Face Another Day

Face Another Day (1985)

Everything’s Forgiven

Everything’s Forgiven (1987)

Long Way Home

Long Way Home (1993)

The Monroes were a Norwegian pop/ska duo, consisting of singer Lage Fosheim and guitarist Eivind Rølles. They recorded four successful studio albums between 1983 and 1993, before disbanding. Initially strongly influenced by English ska band Madness, their debut single "Sunday People" reached number one on the Norwegian charts in 1983. Their music rapidly evolved into a more laidback, melodious pop style, and they reached number one again with "Cheerio" in 1985, also charting in the U.S. Their 1985 album "Face Another Day" is regularly featured on critics’ lists of Norway’s best pop/rock albums ever.

The Monroes were noted for their strong melodies, polished musical arrangements, and Lage Fosheim’s clear vocals and distinctly British-sounding accent.

Both members died of cancer in 2013.