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A better place to be  Harry Chapin

It was an early mor[D]n-in bar-room?  and the pl[Dmaj7]ace just opened up             [D7]                           [Gmaj7]
Em Em/D# Em/D (open) A7
And a little man, come in so fast? and he started at his cups
And the broad who [D]served the whiskey, She was a big old fr[Dmaj7]iendly girl                     [D7]                       [Gmaj7]
Em Em/D# Em/D (open) A7
And she tried to fight her empty nights by? smilin? at the world
And she said ?Hey [G]Bub, it?s been awhile, s[A]ince you?ve been around      [F#m]                                               [B7]
Where the hell you bee[Em]n hidin??  and why you lo[A]ok so down??        [G]                                         [D]
But the little [G]man, just sat there like he?d[A] never heard a sound      [G]                [A]                      [D]
The waitr[Cm]ess she give out a cough, and act-t[G]in? not the least p[Bb/F]ut off she spoke                      [F]                         [Em]
once again? [A]she said ?I don?t want to bothe[D]r you?  consider it?s under[G]stood;                         [Em/G]                             [Em]
I [A/C#]know I?m not no beauty q[Em]ueen, but I s-u-r-e can liste[A/C#]n good    [Em]    [A7sus4]         [D]
And the little man[G] took his drink in his hand and h[A]e raised it to his lips                    [Em]                         [D]
He took a[G] couple of sips, and then he t-o-l-[D]d the waitress this stor[Em7]y                   [A]                 [D]
I a[D]m the midnight watchman down at Mill[Am]er?s Tool and Die         [C]            [G]                    [D]
And I watch, the m[G]etal rustin? and I watch,[F#m] the time go by[Bm]                             [Cmaj7]
A G F#m B7 barre
A week ago at the diner, I stopped to get a bite
And this [Em]here lovely lady, she sat [A]two seats from my righ[G]t              [Em7]     [A11]         [D]
And Lord,[G]  Lord,  L[G/F#]ord?  [Em7]      [A11]     [G]   [G#m7/5-]           [A7sus4]                          she was all [D]right
Ah she w[D]as so damn beautiful, that she?d warm a [Am]winter?s frost              [C]             [G]                   [D]
But she was lo[G]ng past lonely, and well n[F#m]igh on to lost   [Bm]                        [Cmaj7]
A G F#m B7 barre
Now I?m not much of a mover or a pick-em-up easy guy
But I deci[Em]ded to glide on over, and g[A]ive her one   good try   [G]           [Em7]      [A11]     [D]
And Lord, [G] Lord,  L[G/F#]ord?   [Em7]     [A11]     [G]   [G#m7/5-]           [A7sus4]                         she was worth the t[D]ry
T[D]ongue-tied like a schoolboy, I stammered [Am]out some words      [C]              [G]                         [D]
But it did n[G]ot really matter much, ?[F#m]cause I don?t think she heard  [Bm]                               [Cmaj7]
A G F#m B7 barre
She just looked clear on through me, to a space back in my head
And it shamed [Em]me into silence, as       qui[A]etly     she      said  [G]   [Em7]     [A11]        [D]
?If you want [D]me to come with you, then that?s [G]all right with me       [Em/G]                          [Em]
?Cause I know I?[A/C#]m goin? nowhere, and anywhere[Em]?s a    better    p[A/C#]lace   to    be?        [Em]           [A7sus4]         [D]
      [A/C#]            Anywhere?s a better  [Em]     place       to[A7sus4]          be     [D]
I dr[D]ove her up to my boardin? house, an[Dmaj7]d I took her up to my room      [D7]                                  [Gmaj7]
Em Em/D# Em/D (open) A7
And I went to turn on the only light? to brighten up the gloom
But she said, ?Please l[Dm]eave the light off?    oh?  I don?t mind the dark,?               [Gm]
And as her clothes all tumble[F]d ?round her?    I could hear my heart              [Asus4]                             [A]
                              [Asus4]      [A] [Asus4] [A]The moonlight [D]shone up upon her, as she lay back in [Am]my bed         [C]                      [G]                [D]
It was the kind of [G]scene I only had imagined[F#m] in my head       [Bm]                               [Cmaj7]
A G F#m B7 barre
I just could not believe it, to think that she was real
And as I[Em] tried to tell her, she[A] said, ?Sshh, I know     just   how   [G] you   feel         [Em7]      [A11]            [D]
And if you want to co [D]me here with me, then that?s all ri[G]ght with me           [Em/G]                           [Em]
?cause I?ve b[A/C#]een oh, so lonely; lovin? som[Em]eone is, a better   [A/C#] way     to     be  [Em]         [A7sus4]            [D]
      [A/C#]         Anywhere?s     a     better  [Em]    place     [A7sus4]to    be?    [D]
The mornin?[D] come so swiftly, but I held h[Am]er in my arms     [C]          [G]                   [D]
But she [G]slept like a baby?     sn[F#m]ug and safe from[Bm] harm                                 [Cmaj7]
A G F#m B7 barre
I did not want to share her, with the world or break the mood
So before she [Em]woke I went out? and brou[A]ght us both some food         [G]                                           [D]
I ca[Dm]me back with my paper bag?  to find that she was gone          [Gm]
She left a[F] six word letter?  sayin? ?It?s time that I moved on?        [Gm]                              [D]
The waitress [D]took her bar-rag?  and she w[Dmaj7]iped it across her eyes        [D7]                                [Gmaj7]
Em Em/D# Em/D(open) A7
And as she spoke her voice came out? as something like a sigh
She said that ?I wish that I wa[D]s beautiful, or that you [Dmaj7]were half-way blind    [D7]                               [Gmaj7]
Em Em/D# Em/D (open) A7
And I wish? I weren?t so don-gon fat, I wish that you were mine
G A F#m B7 barre
And I wish? that you?d come with me when I leave for home
For we both kno[Em]w all ?bout loneliness?  and livin? all[A] alone?                   [G]    [Em]              [D]
And the little [Em7]man? looked at the empty glass in his hand [F#m]
and he smiled a crooked g[Em7]rin?  he said; ?I guess I[D]?m out of gin,      [Em7]                               [D]
                        [Em7]                          [D/F#]                 [G]   [Em7]     [A]                                                      
And I know?  we both have been?  s-o  l-o-n-e-l-y 

And if you wa[A7]nt me? [D] to come with you, then that?s all[G] right with me                                             [Em]
?cause I know I?m g[A]oin? nowhere?           [Em]
and anywher[A]e?s?  a better?  place?  t-o  b[Em7]-e?               [A7]               [D]
                             [Dmaj7]       [Gmaj7] [D] 

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A A/C# A11 A7 A7sus4 Am Asus4 B7 Bb/F Bm C Cm Cmaj7 D D/F# D7 Dm Dmaj7 Em Em7 F F#m G G/F# Gm Gmaj7
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