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Under The Bushes  Guided By Voices

Over the[D] summer somehow I'm waiting somehow straining
and I gave it all away let m[D]y strength slip away kept everyone away
I ca[Bm]n't tell you anythin[F#m]g
you don'[D]t already know         [Em]
I [Em]can't tell you anythin[Bm]g
you [F#m]don't already know           [Cm]
I[Bm] can't tell you anything[F#m]
Repeat intro

I am t[D]he minister and an imposter you said I am on my own
but I a[D]m not alone you are the militant fighting to bring me home

11. Ghosts of a Different Dream Intro--A-C#m-D-E

You dream[A]t of wine but did you find
the dregs[F#m] of a another night dissipated
I read [A]the sign you know that wine
the ghosts[F#m] of a different dream are waiting
a dif[A]ferent kind of kiss
the so[F#m]ngs of a different mist are rolling
I?ve bee[A]n inside your mist
the ghosts of another kissed are calling      A-B-C-D-A-C#m-D-E

The tro[A]ops are led and turning red
they smil[F#m]e with the oldest trumpet blaring
a wor[A]ld of hate, can?t penetrate
the gho[F#m]st of a different shield your wearing
a[A] different kind of fight
[F#m]keep those telephones a ringing
[A]I've been inside alright
[F#m]the ghosts of a different dream are singing

9. Lord of Overstock

 Intro--D-A-G   Bb--C

[D]Straight to the Lord of [A]Overstock      [G]
He spok[D]e for the millo[A]nth time               [F]
Don't be late fo[D]r the superdeal wil[A]l save you alot        [G]
and take[D] every cent you e[A]arn           [F]

[G](no clue wh[F]at the lyrics[G] are here)  [F]
So trus[D]t in the King of [A]Overstock   [G]
invest i[D]n his wisdom [A]& learn         [F]
there's less [D]to go around if e[A]veryonecounts  [G]
but if you got the[D] money to bu[A]rn             [F]
then you will be in always get [G]fake                   [F]
      Bb         [G]C         rpt to end...[D]                 [A]             [G]
but what's all worth in heaven on earth

1. Man Called Aerodynamics

Intro: F-Gm-Am-Gm-F (very fast)

[F]find deep within your ole memory coat    [Gm]
[Am]a cricket bag you ate f[Bb]rom
[F]its sweet-smily apology  [Gm]
Acceptance awaits you
[Am]Don't be afraid to cherish[Bb] it                [C]

[Dm]Look it up[C] in the bookm[Bb]obile                   [F-Gm-Am]
[Dm]Look it up[C] in the gun r[Bb]ack                [Am]
in the[Bb] magazine rack
in the map [Dm]

[F]for it.. only afte[Gm]r the fence[Am] comes down    [Bb]
[F]that the cartoon b[Gm]ubble explo[Am]des          [Bb]
and [C]the new party begins
[Dm]invitation on[C]ly here in [Bb]the senator's suitcase   [F-Gm-Am]
[Dm]Let them out [C]and dance for the ant-god[Bb]
[Am]like scary ma[Bb]gnets to pounce [C]
upon command      [F]               [G]
[Am]upon the man   [Bb]
C Dm C (Rpt intro to end)
the man called aerodynamics

6. To Remake the Young Flyer

[Em]To remake the [D]young flyer        [G]
yes, we must define the time [C]desire      [G]                [D]
standing erect to[C] not detect the an[Bm]ything
[Am]that we could not admire         [C]

[Em]Through the long lo[D]nely mire (?)      [G]
number one is that the one [C]to send      [G]         [D]
[C]?? on the child [Bm]
n[Am]ational pride
in my own    [C]
a qu[G]estion to the [C]lunatic   [D]
do your days seem like nights?             [C]
Do your worlds g[Bm]o together               [D]
[G]dash for[C]th (?) [D]
he takes his place    [C]
he da da [Bm]da ??
takes h[G]is softness from his hand and goes
[Em]To remake the [D]young flyer        [G]
yes, we must define the time [C]desire      [G]                [D]              [Em]
16. Atom Eyes

opening riff is top 3 strings of C chord to B note and back

I'm dr[G]eaming it so it must be true          [Em]
Nothing[C] else could look as good as you do                   [D]
And so whe[G]re the rocket goes    [Em]
Up to where[C] the astros flow in[D]to space
[Em]Don't hold me down   [D]

Atom Eyes d[G]on't worry your br[C]ain
Take a [Am]break from everyday             [D]
sell th[G]e house, the car, the pa[C]in
At[Am]om Eyes                  [D]

riff, then chords repeat til end

19. Big Boring Wedding

Opening riff (tune top E down to D)

Chords to opening--D--Em--F#m-----|G

I have ente[D]red a shiny new realm     [Em]
Of very diffe[F#m]rent and very spoiled world   [G]
Its with[D] great pleasure I introduce [Em]myself
To come a[F#m]nd thank you for such delicious pie[G]

repeat opening riff
[D]The irony's sweet bird is paralyz[Em]ed
With one good [F#m]finger you try me on for size              [G]
Its hard to ima[D]gine that you just want to leave  [Em]
With yellow p[F#m]hotos pocket sized        [G]

riff again, then start it backwards for the chorus...

Reveal[G]ing mobility o[F#m]f psychedelic eyes             [Em]
Sp[G]ontaneous and violent but pr[F#m]ivate to the mind                      [Em]
With no wher[A]e left to go
Pass the word t[D]he chicks are back                [Em]
The chic[F#m]ks are back yeah
The chick[G]s are back

The chan[D]delier is spin[Em]ning shaking [F#m]                [G]
The vibr[D]achord is[Em] already [F#m]waking          [G]
Pass the word the chicks are back...repeated until fade

21. Drag Days

Opening chords--E--A--F#m--A--B

[E]Drag days are not so bad but move to slow
If I were them I'd want them not to linger so
Now we come to d[E]rag days               [A]
Now we come to d[E]rag days               [A]

[E]Fake capes baby they're too hard to wear
Put them on and everyone will stare
We have [E]come to drag days              [A]
We have [E]come to drag days              [A]
We escape them sometim[A]es and the feeling is different more intensified
We escape them within [A]the walls of o[B]ur fidgety hearts where we hide
Way up and[E] out beyond the factory yards
Up and over the security guards
We have come to d[E]rag days             [A]
We have come to d[E]rag days            [A]
We escape them sometim[A]es and the feeling is different more intensified
We escape them within [A]the walls of o[B]ur fidgety hearts where we hide
They will turn ar[E]ound    [A]       [F#m]           [A]         [B]
The will turn aro[E]und X 11[A]       [F#m]           [A]         [B]

13. Look At Them

opening riff and 1st verse

It's crippling
Never really knowing
We're huddling
Where its always nice

And plus there is a flame        [F]
a flame that should be hot?
In spite of being small and bei[Bb]ng still                 [G]
[Bb]Following where ever you will

Back to riff for verse

Look at them
They're sensitive
And they inch out
Oh look at them

And plus there is a flame        [F]
a flame that should be hot?
In spite of being small and bei[Bb]ng still                 [G]
[Bb]Following where ever you will

18. Office Of Hearts
[A]Roll out the pain kil[D]lers
We'll have a killer wig[A] out                 [F#m]
[A]Sleepy boys don't look        [D]
I[A]t's not ?????               [F#m]
[A]Or a statistical occurrenc[D]e
Its o[A]ctopus caveman         [F#m]
D[A]rinking with the enemy        [D]
He's got a girl on [A]every arm              [F#m]                     [A]

He sits[F#M] down and circulates[D]                       [F]
In the office[A] of hearts   [F#m]
He's case [D]closed middleman             [F]
In the offic[A]e of hearts he[F#m]'ll steal you a[D]way                  [F]

A D A F#m twice

[F#m]He sits down and circulates [A]                          [F#m]
[D]Come feel the softest parts         [F]
In the office of hearts   [A]

repeat 4 times and fade

23. Redmen & Their Wives


[Bb]Roll out of bed    [Am]
[Bb]They?re issuing lives for redmen and their wives
Offering hands an[Am]d twiddling thumbs               [F]
For dream[G]s that never come                 [Bb]
Often sai[Am]d you better not look away you'll lose the day
The way[Dm] I see it
It?s already lost   [Bb]                [Am]
So then be it [Dm]
They say   [Bb]
They're sharpening knives           [Am]
[Bb]And primitive lives for Redmen and their wives
Bread winner and klutz           [Am]
And losin[F]g it all before the[G] one eye shuts                [Am]
Well I see [Dm]it as paying t[Bb]he price                  [Am]
Dn=m Bb
Nobody feels it these days

repeat intro

[Bb]Well I'd like to go     [F]
C Bm(?)
And kiss them away
[Bb]Well I'd like to know   [F]
C Bm (?)
Another way
[Bb]Did you notice tha[F]t
C Bm (?)
They're taking back lives for Redmen just to
[Bb]Give them time to find the lig[Am]ht
And other [F]things that bind with pride [G]
[Bb]A killers waking up this time  [Am]
To hon[F]est gleam and needless pride   [G]
[Bb]We'll never see it shine    [Am]
We'll nev[F]er find the time          [G]

20. Its Like Soul Man

D--E----D--E                      A

I never liked you until I took a good look at myself

And when I saw you there
[A]I saw the best part of me was your soul
It's like soul[G] man     [A]
It's like soul[G] man     [A]

Crocker's Favorite Song

A--C#m--D--F#m  throughout

Everybody's got their hands up high
Everybody should be touching the sky
But you know you never never can go down
So you slow down
And you walk away
She says good morning to you
And you look away
She asks you just what to do
You don't know what to say
But what can be done
And what can be done for you
I'll tell you now
Where will you go
When nothing's laid out for you

Dust Devil (from King Shit)

[F]Don't make promises you can't keep     [Dm]       [C]
[F]I've been hearing them in my sleep     [Dm]       [C]
[F]Think of positive things to feel       [Dm]       [C]
[F]If the disastors are too real          [Dm]       [C]
[F]Tum tum tum tum watch me run           [Dm]       [C]
[F]Tum tum tum tum turn turn turn         [Dm]       [C]
[F]Tum tum tum tum turn your back         [Dm]       [C]
And run [C]wheels in motion      [D]
[F]Watch them burn     [C]
[C]Please go away n[D]ow
[F]But do retu[C]rn

[F]well the people they look at you       [Dm]       [C]
[F]When the fire spreads show them a room [Dm]       [C]
[F]Don't a privy of what we've found      [Dm]       [C]
[F]On territorial bowling grounds         [Dm]       [C]
[F]Tum tum tum tum so we go               [Dm]       [C]
[F]Tum tum tum tum long and slow          [Dm]       [C]
So run[C] break the filth up [D]
[F]All around     [C]
Slowly build up      [D]
[F]And break it down   [C]
Buy me yogurt  [D]
[F]And knock on wood      [C]
They feel big now[D]
[F]But we feel good  [C]
Wheels in motion [D]
[F]Watch them burn     [C]
Please go away no[D]w
[F]But do return[C]
Scissors (From King Shit)

[A]All I ever want to have is
[F#m]She said no sir, just forget it
[B]A time to figure out
[D]Just what's goin' on
Chorus: But it[A]'s not a bad thing[F#m]
[Bm]But it's not a go[E]od thing                 [Bm---E]

[A]All my life I've wanted scissors
[F#m]Not the kind that are so forgiving
[B]Cigar box eraser bits
[D]And that rusty tool


[E]Cover your eyes
The light is too bright        [F#m]
Your wise m[A]en they tell you lies                [E]
And what's[E] worse           [F#m]
they cur[A]se                   [E]
But stil[E]l
I l[F#m]ove the b[A]ite
But fli[E]es are maybe marked men    [F#m]
because they're attracted to[A] the light
They reali[E]ze
The night has come to baptize          [F#m]
and they will finally realize         [A]
and what's wor[E]se          [F#m]
It h[A]urts               [E]
But sti[E]ll they love t[F#m]he bite    [A]

And I [E]would like to die with you  [F#m]
I'd like to try b[B]ut I'm not suicide       [A]
And I wo[E]uld like to kill you      [F#m]
But that would suit you fin[B]e I realize                [A]
And I won't[E] disgrace myself           [F#m]
By chasing you aroun[B]d to pull you back                       [A]
And I will not give [E]in and hit you when        [F#m]
Before the fight beg[B]ins and its okay               [A]
[E]I'm over you                     [F#m--A]
[E]I'm over you                     [F#m--A]
[E]Cover your eyes
The ligh[A]t is too bright [E]
E--F#m--B--A repeat to end

Please Freeze Me (From King Shit)

It's h[F#]er again oh oh    [B]
She's a little distur[F#]bed again oh no           [B]
And I'm feeling down again[F#] so it goes              [B]
C[C#]ircling round like trouble a[Eb]nd toil
[G#]A princess boiling milk
They thoug[C#]ht she was a witch
And when they poured it on her
B(14th fret barre chord)
She didn't melt
And I'll bear no guilt
It's h[F#]er again oh oh    [B]
She's a little disturbe[F#]d again oh no            [B]
And I'm feeling down again[F#] so it goes           [B]
[C#]Circling round like the juggler of[Eb] the stars
[G#]The monster of the moon
C# B (14th)
It's happening too soon

Long Distance Man (From Sandbox)

[F#]He's a long distance man       [Bbm]
and he keep[Ebm]s on going because its not worth blowin[G#]g
and he does [F#]what he can because [Bbm]it not worth losing[Ebm] and
there ain'[G#]t no choosin

repeat chords throughout

Any other world that you live in
don't believe in second chance
Sell another dream he won't take it
so don't fake it when you dance

Cover up your eyes in these bad times for
the sad times passing years build another tower
for your freedom he don't need them shed no tears.
for the long distance man.....

Indian Was An Angel

[E]Long time comin' to take my hand[F#m] away
[E]She says nothin' to take the pai[F#m]n away
[E]Somethin' about discussions in t[F#m]he cave
[E]Somethin' about a dream that can[F#m]'t be saved

Chorus:  And[B] all the easy faces [F#m]
[E]Running out of happy pla[A]ces
[G]Gone to the academ[F#m]y       [E]
[B]And plug each sonic lyre[F#m]
[E]Into the navajo amplifie[A]r
For us [G]to hear[F#m] and see  [E]
Chords repeat throughout

Little star went rollin' up the hill
Asked me to come and dance I said I will
There are the days of preparation still
Somethin's gonna happen on that hill


And all the summoned graces
Manifest in different places
There for us to see
And little star keeps sayin'
Indian was an angel prayin'
Come and patiently
For us ??also in we??
And save a place for me

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