Brain Of Jfk

Pearl Jam

e: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 16:06:10 -0500
Pearl Jam- Brain of JFK Off their 1998 Album "Yield"
The song is in standard tuning, or so it seems. This is my first tab attempt ever so bear with me. It sounds right anyway.
Opening Riff...Repeat it 5 times e|--------------------------------------------------------------------| B|--------------------------------------------------------------------| G|---4--4--4--3--3--3--2-----2--2--4--7--4------4--4--4--3--3--3--2---| D|---4--4--4--3--3--3--2-----2--2--4--7--4--2---4--4--4--3--3--3--2---| A|---2--2--2--1--1--1--0-----0--0--2--5--2--2---2--2--2--1--1--1--0---| E|------------------------------------------0-------------------------|
Then its the chorus(?) part
e|-----------------------| B|-----------------------| G|-----------------------| D|--10--6--3---10--6--8--| A|--10--6--3---10--6--8--| E|---8--4--1----8--4--6--|
This isn't the proper amount of strumming but play along and pick up the right strumming.
Then play this again 5 more times e|-------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------------------------------------| G|---4--4--4--3--3--3--2-----2--2--4--7--4------4--4--4--3--3--3--2--| D|---4--4--4--3--3--3--2-----2--2--4--7--4--2---4--4--4--3--3--3--2--|
A|---2--2--2--1--1--1--0-----0--0--2--5--2--2---2--2--2--1--1--1--0--| E|------------------------------------------0------------------------|
Then the chorus again...
e|-----------------------| B|-----------------------| G|-----------------------| D|--10--6--3---10--6--8--| A|--10--6--3---10--6--8--| E|---8--4--1----8--4--6--|
Then the solo...which I didn't tab out :)
Then play a G and then play...
e|---------------------------------------------| B|---5s7--0--3-----5s7--0--3--3----------------| G|--------------2--------------------7-----7---| D|--------------------------------5--7--5--7--5| A|--------------------------------5--5--5--5--5| E|--------------------------------3-----3-----3|
Then back to that opening riff (x4). It sounds like they're also playing a solo along with it but I didn't tab the solo out.
Then you play the chorus (x4)
Then, finally back to the opening riff 2 times.
Thats all folks.
Philip Shearing
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