Foxey Lady

Jimi Hendrix

FOXY LADY BY JIMI HENDRIX transcribed by Maxxdaddy
Heavy fuzz face
Intro: increase volume until feedback peaks --------------------- -10------------------ -10(11)~~~~~~~~--11\- --------------------- --------------------- ---------------------
Verse riff: F#7#9 ||----5------5------5-5------------|| ||----5------5------5-5------------|| ||---------------------------------|| ||-------4-4-----------------------|| ||--------------------------2-3-4--|| ||2-2-----------2-2-----5----------||
+ ------------------------------- --------------------14--------- -16(18)-14~--16(18)----14~----- ---------------------------16\- ------------------------------- -------------------------------
chorus riffs: * ** ---------------|------------------ ---------------|------------------ ---------------|------------------ -----4-----2h4-|------4-6p4----4-- -4h6---2h4-----|--4/6--------6---- ---------------|---------------2--
Solo: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -17(19)~(19)17----------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------14~-14\--/9(11)~-9p7-----------9-11(13)-11(13)--11~~--11-9h11p9----9~- ------------------------------------7~----/11----------------------------------11---- ----------------------------------------9-------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
-------------------14------------14----14----14-17(19)-17~--14----14-16-14----------------- ----------------14----17-17(19)~----17----14-------------------17----------17-14-----14-17- -9~9~-----16(18)--------------------------------------------------------------16(18)------- ------11----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
---------------------------------------------14----14-----------14----14--------14-- -14-----14-17-14-----14------14-17(19)~--17~----17----14-----14----17-14-14-----14-- -16(18)-------16(18)-16(18)---------------------------16(18)-------------16(18)----- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
-------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- -16p14----14-------------------------- -------16----16p14----14--------------
-------------------16----16\14----14-- -------------------------------17----- --------------------------------------
F#7#9 Foxy Foxy F#7#9 B F#7#9 Uh-you know you a cute little heart breaker, ha Foxy, yeah And you know you a sweet little love maker, huh Foxy
F# E * I wanna take you home, uh-huh, yeah F# E I won't do you no harm, no, ha F#7#9 E ** You got ta be all mine, all mine + Oo, Foxy Lady
Yeah, Foxy Foxy Now-uh, I see you, heh, on down on the scene Ohh, Foxy You make me wanna get up and a-scream Foxy
Ah, baby listen now I made up my mind, yeah I'm tired of wasting all my precious time You've gotta be all mine, all mine Foxy Lady
(solo) Here I come Foxy Lady Foxy (Lady) Foxy, Fa... Foxy, yeah
I'm gonna take you home, uh-huh I won't do you no harm, no You gotta be all mine, all mine Foxy Lady
(repeat intro) Here I come, baby I'm comin' to get ya Ow, Foxy lady, yeah, yeah Oo, you look so good, Foxy (Foxy) Oh, yeah, Foxy (Foxy) Yeah, give us some, foxy Oo, Foxy Yeah, get it, babe, Foxy (Foxy) You make me feel like, uh, feel like sayin' Foxy (Foxy) Ah, Foxy (Foxy) Foxy (BV=Foxy) Lady Foxy Lady

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