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"Anberlin" is an alternative rock band comprised of Christian members formed in 2002. Even though their debut album, ''Blueprints for the Black Market'', was released barely a year after the band formed, Anberlin were already amassing a dedicated fan-base through steady touring with other bands on their label, Tooth & Nail Records and promotion via their myspace.

Lead singer Stephen Christian stated in an interview that the band's name "Anberlin" was created when he was thinking about cities in Europe he wanted to visit. In his mind he listed "London Paris Rome and Berlin". Stephen thought that "And Berlin" would be a cool name for a band and so when the band was looking for a name Stephen suggested "And Berlin", which was then modified to "Anberlin".

''Blueprints for the Black Market'' was quite successful. Spurred on by popular singles "Readyfuels" and "Change the World," it sold over 60,000 copies and raised Anberlin's profile. They released their sophomore album, ''Never Take Friendship Personal'', in February 2005. The album was praised by critics, garnering favourable reviews and winning the band new fans.

Prior to its release, the band promoted the album b...

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