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Leah Andreone

"Leah Andreone" (born 1974) is an American musician from San Diego, California.

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She was born and raised in San Diego and attended Helix High School in La Mesa. She became interested in music early in life, finding it an easy way to express emotion. After high school she spent time in Los Angeles, working during the day and singing at night.

Her first album, ''Veiled'', was released by RCA in 1996. It produced the hit single "It's Alright, It's Okay" which charted in both the U.S. And Europe. It was introspective whereas her next album, ''Alchemy'', was more sexual and intimate. Andreone's lyrics are often treatises on psychology, reflecting her interest in the subject.

Since ''Alchemy'', Andreone has continued to write and perform. She has collaborated with other artists and worked as a producer. She toured with Lilith Fair and is completing a third album.

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Andreone, Leah

Andreone, Leah

Andreone, Leah


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