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"Apulanta" is a Finnish rock band, founded in 1991 when its members were in their mid-teens. The name of the band means ''artificial fertilizer'', which they have since come to regret. Initially playing hardcore punk and death metal, they soon shifted to a pop-rock style, and have been fluctuating between these extremes since; their songs currently tend to combine melodic and catchy choruses with heavy guitar riffs.

Their breakthrough came in 1996 with the hit song "Mitä kuuluu" from "Hajonnut EP" followed by the single "Anna mulle piiskaa" (''Spank me''). Since then, they have consistently topped the Finnish charts, and they continue to be one of the most successful rock bands in Finland. "Teit meistä kauniin" is one of the all-time biggest-selling singles in Finland. As of November 2005, 15 of their singles and 8 albums have reached the #1 spot on the Finnish charts.

The band currently consists of founding members Toni Wirtanen and Simo "Sipe" Santapukki and relatively recent addition Sami Lehtinen.


*''Attack of the A.L. People'' (1994)

*''Ehjä'' (1996)

*''Kolme'' (1997)

*''Aivan kuin kaikki muutkin'' (1998)

*''Plastik'' (2000)

*''Heinola 10'' (...

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