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"Blur" are an English rock band. Originally called "Seymour", Blur formed in Colchester in 1989 from the remnants of a band called Circus by vocalist/keyboardist Damon Albarn, guitarist/backing vocalist Graham Coxon and drummer Dave Rowntree, with bassist Alex James joining the lineup. Albarn, Coxon and James attended Goldsmiths College, whose alumni also include Damien Hirst and Julian Opie. Hirst later directed the video for Blur's "Country House" and formed Fat Les with James. Opie created the vector-realistic images used on the cover of Blur's Best Of compilation.

Blur were one of the English bands who appeared in the wake of the Stone Roses's eponymous album, mixing psychedelic pop rock with very loud guitars. Following an image change in the mid-'90s, the group emerged as one of the most popular bands in the U.K., establishing themselves as heir to the English pop tradition of the Kinks, the Small Faces, the Who, the Jam, Madness, and the Smiths. In the process, the group broke open the doors for a new generation of bands who became labelled as Britpop. With Damon Albarn's wry lyrics and 'moc...

years active 1989 – present
origin London, England
music genre Rock music
current members Damon Albarn
Alex James (musician)
past members Graham Coxon
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