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Bob Seger

"Robert Clark "Bob" Seger" (born May 6, 1945) is an American rock musician who achieved his greatest success in the 1970s and 1980s.

Bob Seger was born at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. He was raised in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn until age 6, when his family moved to the college town of Ann Arbor, Michigan. When Seger was 10 years old, his father left the family and moved to California. Seger attended Tappan Junior High School and Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor, graduating from the latter in 1963.

Seger started his musical career in the 1960s in his native Ann Arbor, Michigan, soon after playing in and around Detroit as a singer and as the leader of "Bob Seger and the Last Heard", and then later the "Bob Seger System". He is best known for his work with the "Silver Bullet Band", a group he formed in 1974. Seger is known as a workhorse midwestern roots-rocker who dealt with blue-collar themes and toured constantly in support of his frequent album releases. As such, critics ignorant of when his career got started have dismissed him as a poor man's Bruce Springsteen, though Seger's career as a professional musician predates Springsteen's by five years. ...

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