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Roy Buchanan

"Roy Buchanan" (September 23, 1939 - August 14, 1988) was an American guitar virtuoso and blues musician, and was considered a master of the electric guitar. He is noted for his use of note-bending, staccato runs, and pinch harmonics. Buchanan was a pioneer of the Telecaster sound. < Unsourced image removed: right|thumb| -->

Roy Buchanan's musical career began in Pixley, California. His father was in the main a sharecropper (not a Pentecostal preacher as Buchanan himself had claimed). Buchanan told how his first musical memories were of racially-mixed revival meetings his family would attend. "Gospel," he recalled, "that's how I first got into black music". He in fact drew upon many disparate influences while learning to play his instrument (although he later claimed his aptitude was derived from being "half-wolf"). He initially showed talent on the steel guitar before switching to the standard instrument in the early 50's.

In 1957, Buchanan made his recording debut, playing the solo on Dale Hawkins' "My Babe" for Chicago's Chess Records.

Three years later, Buchanan headed north to Canada, where he took charge of the guitar role in Ronnie Hawkins' band (a group la...

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