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"Catatonia" were a popular music band from Wales who gained a national following in the United Kingdom in the mid-late 1990s. The band consisted of Cerys Matthews on vocals, Mark Roberts on guitar, Paul Jones on bass (both now members of Y Ffyrc, and former members of Sherbet Antlers and Y Cyrff), Owen Powell (who is a judge on 'Wawffactor' - akin to a Welsh X-factor) on guitar, and Aled Richards (who now drums for Amy Wadge) on drums. Roberts was the main songwriter.

Matthews and Roberts first met in Cardiff when she was busking, and they began writing songs together in 1992. For four years after this they were also in a relationship, many aspects of this being played out publicly in their lyrics,,958691,00.html.

The couple came across the word catatonia, believing it to mean a sense of extreme pleasure and sleep, and the band was subsequently originally called 'Sweet Catatonia'. On discovering the real meaning of the word (i.e. a psychiatric symptom of certain mental disorders) they dropped the prefix 'sweet'.

Catatonia deliberately tried to make their songs accessible to ...

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