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Christian Death

"Christian Death" is a band name that originally applied to a Los Angeles death rock group during the post punk era in the early 1980s, but after some major line up changes (which resulted at one point, during the mid 1990s, in two bands with the name Christian Death), it became the name of a band popular within the British/European Goth scene during the late 1980s, despite there not being a single member left from the original Los Angeles death rock band. That later incarnation evolved into a hard rock group during the 1990s while, at the same time, members from the earlier incarnation got back together performing more traditional goth and death rock.

After getting involved in the Los Angeles punk scene and playing in a few local bands, vocalist Rozz Williams founded Christian Death in October 1979 at age 16 (born Roger Painter - in Pomona California - 6 November 1963) with James McGearty (Bass), George Belanger (drums), and a guitarist named Jay brought in from a previous band Rozz had been in called Daucus Karota. The band name was originally a satirical play on words derived from the designer brand 'Christian Dior'. The group's first performance in front of a live audie...

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