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"Chumbawamba" is an English anarchist band who play indie music influenced by folk, punk, dance, world and other styles of popular music.

Chumbawamba was formed in 1982 from two other bands based in Yorkshire, ''The Passion Killers'' and ''Chimp Eats Banana''. Inspired musically by The Fall and the anarchist politics of Crass, Chumbawamba's activities in their early years were based around a communal house in Armley, Leeds. Stalwarts of the cassette culture scene, the band featured on many compilations. Chumbawamba were at the forefront of the 1980s anarcho-punk movement, frequently playing benefit gigs in squats and small halls for causes such as animal rights, the anti-war movement, and community groups.


By the mid-1980s Chumbawamba had begun to release their material using the vinyl format on their own ''Agit-Prop'' record label, which had evolved from an earlier project, Sky and Trees Records. Their first LP, ''Pictures Of Starving Children Sell Records'' (1986) was a scathing and articulate critique of the then current Live Aid concert organised by Bob Geldof, which they argued was primarily a cosmetic spectacle designed to draw attention away from the rea...

origin England
years active 1982 - present
music genre Rock music
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source: Wikipedia