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Crowded House

"Crowded House" was an Australasian pop-rock group active between 1986 and 1996. Their notable hits include "Don't Dream It's Over", "Something So Strong", "Better Be Home Soon", and "Weather with You".

"Founding Members" ''(These members performed on all album recordings)'':

*"Neil Finn": Band leader, Songwriter, Lead Vocalist, Guitarist, Pianist & Other Instuments.

*"Paul Hester": Drummer, Songwriter & Backing Vocalist. (1985–1994)

*"Nick Seymour": Bass guitarist & Live Backing Vocalist

"Other Members" ''(These members appeared only on mentioned albums)'':

*"Mark Hart": Lead & Slide Guitarist, Backing Vocalist & Pianist - Member for Together Alone & Recurring Dream (1992–1996)

*"Tim Finn": Lead Vocalist, Songwriter, Pianist & Accoustic Guitarist - Member for Woodface (1990–1992)

*"Craig Hooper": Guitarist (1985 - Mullanes)

"Regular Guests:"

*"Eddie Rayner": Tour Pianist (Early Years; Crowded House Album Production)

*"Peter Jones": Tour Drummer (Late Years, Appearance on Farewell To The World & Afterglow)

"Special Guests:"

*"Eddie Vedder": Backing Vocals & Tamborine - (''Everything Is Good For You'' from Recurring...

years active 1985 - 1996
country New Zealand / Australia
music genre Rock (music)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia