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"Danzig" is an American band which fuses dark lyrics and imagery with Hard rock/heavy metal music. The band serves as a musical outlet for singer/composer, Glenn Danzig. It can be seen as the third stage in Glenn Danzig's musical career, preceded by the Horror punk band The Misfits, and the Deathrock band, Samhain.


On July 14th, 1986, Samhain performed what was to be their final show, at The Ritz in New York City. In attendance was Rick Rubin, who was scouting for potential bands to sign to his record label, Def Jam. Upon viewing Samhain's performance, Rubin was impressed with Glenn Danzig's powerful stage persona and vocal abilities. He approached him after the show and propositioned him. At first, he wished only to sign Danzig, with the intent of making him the vocalist for a heavy metal supergroup that Rubin envisioned. However, Danzig refused to sign to Rubin's label without Samhain's bassist, Eerie Von, whom Glenn had become great friends with. Rubin agreed to sign Samhain, and he began making suggestions for the new direction he felt the band should be taken in. Rubin felt the music should be stripped down, and that Glenn's vocal talents should become the focal po...

origin New Jersey, North America
country United States
status Active
years active 1987–present
music genre Heavy metal music
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia