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David Grier

"David Grier" is an American acoustic guitarist. He is considered to be one of the premier flatpicking guitarists in the world. His unique phrasing and his ability to create multiple variations on a theme are hallmarks of his playing style.

Grier grew up in a very musical household. Grier's father, Lamar, was a banjo player in bluegrass legend Bill Monroe's band for a number of years. Roland White was a major musical influence on the young Grier, and helped him learn to play. Grier's guitar playing is also heavily influenced by that of Clarence White, Roland's brother.

Grier owns his father's 1955 Martin D-18. The D-18 was his main guitar for a number of years but is now "retired." He also plays a Nashville Guitar Company dreadnought, built by legendary luthier Marty Lanham in Nashville, TN.


*''Climbing the Walls'' (with Mike Compton)

*''The Grass is Greener'' (with Richard Greene and the Grass is Greener)

*''Lone Soldier''


*''Psychograss'' (with Psychograss)


*''Phillips, Grier, and Flinner'' (with Todd Phillips and Matt Flinner)

*''I've Got the House to Myself''

*''Now Hear This'' (with Psyc...

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